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The Ultimate Southwest Vacation includes Bryce Canyon!

Stay in Mount Carmel Junction, the heart of the parks, and visit the treasures of the Southwest.

Mileage from Mt. Carmel Jct.
Bryce Canyon 60 miles
Zion National Park 12 miles
Grand Staircase 9 miles
Sand Dunes 11 miles
Dixie Forest 22 miles
Cedar Breaks 45 miles
Red Canyon 47 miles
Coyote Butte 57 miles
North Rim 85 miles
Toroweap 90 miles

Plan your Bryce Canyon
vacation with our Utah
maps and information

In these pages you will find insiders information on Bryce Canyon adventures and hiking. This detailed guide includes road maps, park maps, pictures, trail beta, backpacking, history, fees, geology, flora, fauna, campgrounds, things for kids to do and even information on Bryce Canyon's hidden treasures.

Making summer memories in the Utah National Parks and National Monuments.



Bryce Canyon  National Park Map

Bryce Canyon Map

Directions to Bryce Canyon

From Salt Lake City travel south on Interstate 15 past Beaver to UT 20. Exit on UT 20. Turn south on UT 89 and travel past Panguitch. Follow UT 89 to UT 12. Travel along UT 12 through Red Canyon to Bryce Canyon. Turn south on UT 63 to enter the park.

From Las Vegas: Travel Interstate 15 past St. George to Exit 16. Drive through Hurricane, Utah. Follow Hwy 9 through Hurricane and to the only stop light in LaVerkin. Turn right at the stop light. Continue on Hwy 9 to the south entrance of Zion Park. Drive through Zion to the junction of UT 9 and UT 89 at Mt. Carmel Jct. Turn north on UT 89, then exit on UT 12.

Follow UT 12 through Red Canyon, turning south on UT 63 to enter Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon Hiking

Bryce Canyon is a year round hiking park. Although some of the trails will close there is still so much do to in Bryce. Consider cross country skiing, snowshoeing, the scenic drive and winter photography.




Bryce Canyon Hiking

Rim Trail - 11 mile round trip
The Rim Trail is an easy and well-traveled hike. It traverses the rim, from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point, connecting all the scenic overlooks for these two points. The section between Sunrise and Sunset Points is where baby strollers and wheelchairs can be used. The rim reveals a beautiful view of Bryce's Hoodoo's from above.

Upper Inspiration Point - .6 mile round trip
A wonderful view point showing off numerous, symmetric rows of hoodoos

Mossy Trail - 1 mile round trip
The Mossy Trail is an easy hike without significant elevation change. The entire mile-long round trip is different from the rest of Bryce Canyon National Park. To locate the trail, drive past the Bryce Canyon entrance and keep going north until you see a small trailhead sign to your right. This is a nice stream-side walk to a small waterfall and a small mossy overhang or cave. The Mossy Cave Trail is a wonderful hike to take kids or to find solitude away from the main amphitheater.

Bristlecone Pine Trail - 1 mile round trip
This hike is a fun one for kids who are often delighted to find out just what is the oldest living thing on the earth.

Navajo / Peekaboo Combo - 2.9 mile round trip
This hike is a good choice if you are short on time and will only be able to hike one trail. The path combines Navajo and Peekaboo and begins at Sunset Point. Many of the hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park begin around the large loop encircling the main amphitheater.

Navajo / Queens Combo - 4.9 mile round trip
Combine Navajo Loop and the Queen's Garden, taking the Rim Trail back to where the hike began. Begin at Sunset or Sunrise Point.

Queens Garden Trail - 1.8 mile round trip.
This is a short trail and although there is a climb, it is considered to be the least difficult trail leading below the rim. Begin at Sunrise Point and descend below the canyon rim, but keep in mind that the uphill climb is a steep one. Know your limits. The trail does not loop, but there is the option to combine with Navajo loop.

Navajo Loop Trail - 1.3 mile round trip
A moderately difficult loop from the rim at Sunset Point descending immediately downward into a series of switchbacks. The descent drops 520' in less than a mile. At the end of the switchbacks, the limestone slot canyon section begins. Walls close in tight with only a narrow walkway in some sections of the trail. In the midst of Wall Street, two towering Douglas Firs are thriving. The lower limbs of the tree are void of leaves due to the lack of sunlight, but the top of the tree is heavy in foliage. The trail continues for a short distance past Wall Street. You have the choice to return back the way you came and climb up the switchbacks or to choose a connecting hike.

Hat Shop Trail - 3.8 mile round trip
This trail has a steep return, but the views of the "hat" capped hoodoos are worth it. This trail is less traveled in Bryce, but it's very beautiful.

Peekaboo Trail - 5.5 mile round trip
This is a steep trail that is shared with horses. Begin the trail at Bryce Point.

Tower Bridge Trail - 8.3 mile round trip
Tower Bridge is a short spur off the Fairyland Loop Trail. The Chinese Wall is visible from this hike.

Fairy Loop - 8.3 mile round trip
Begin this strenuous hike at Fairyland Point or north of Sunrise Point. The trail leads to Campbell Canyons and the area around Boat Mesa.



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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Photo: Bryce Canyon hoodoo
Photography by Tanya

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