Red Cave

Roads End Guided Tours


Roads End Guided Tours

Guided Tours located on the
east side of Zion National Park

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Explore the areas surrounding Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Let us take you to the little known treasures of beautiful Southern Utah. Join us on an exciting all terrain jeep adventure while we travel the rugged back country of East Zion. The slot canyons of Southern Utah are something that everyone looking for adventure should experience. Travel with us to an underground lake, hidden arches, Indian ruins, petroglyphs and the incredible slot canyons of East Zion. Ask us about Custom Trips and Group Rates. 3 Hours: 105.00  6 Hours: 150.00

HOT! Two Mystic Maidens - Our most popular hike! Offers 2 different canyons with towering red cliffs and illuminating reflections. 2 1/2-3 hrs. (12 & under 1/2 price)
This is a wonderful adventure that any age can enjoy. Tour photos
It can also be a challenge for those that want to explore deep in Red Cave.
Red Cave Upper Slot Pictures
Red Cave Lower Slot Pictures

Sacred Ground Rebirth - A significant place of ancient ones, sun light filters in thru the trees giving an ominous feel. 2 1/2-3 hrs. (12 and under 1/2 price)
Indian Foot Steps - Winding pink sandstone with colors of the rainbow [walk softly so as to not disturb serenity].
3 1/2 hrs (12 and under 1/2 price.)
Under Ground Lake - One of a kind, inside of a mountain deep within a canyon. 1 1/2 hrs (12 and under 1/2 price)
Medicine Man Overhang - A short hike off the edge of the coral pink sand dunes into a pine forested canyon, trailing along side a cliff to a sixty foot over hang with Indian murals and paintings 500 to 1000 years old.
2 1/2-3 hrs. (12 and under 1/2 price)
Bryce Pinks Overlook - Breath taking coral and white cliffs towering over a ponderosa pine and quaking aspen forest plus the view of the sacred Navajo Mountain two hundred miles in the distance.
4 1/2 to 6 hrs. (12 and under 1/2 price. Includes lunch)

No charge for Water, Snacks and Pick up is right at the East Zion Lodging

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