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Contact Bo Beck or Tanya MilliganDesert Rat - St. George Utah Outdoor Store

The Desert Rat

Located in St. George, Utah


They specialize backpacking and family camping products as well as canyoneering and climbing gear. The store has a large stock tents, bags, and backpacks. The Desert Rat has a high percentage of employees that love camping and use the products they sell including Bo Beck, a well known hiker, canyoneer and climber and veteran of Zion's Search and Rescue Team. These employees have direct experience with many products and are able to give help and advice to customers to help them choose the right product for their intended use. This is also an excellent place to stop in and finalize your trips and adventure plans.

More Great Information about southern Utah and the parks

The Zion NPS Plan your Stay page

Zion National - Park dot com FB page where you can tell Bo and Tanya what's on your mind! Let us know of any errors or ideas for the website and you can even post your trail reports!

Utah Canyoneering Forums: Zion Hiking  Bogley Canyons Coalition of American Canyoneers
For more canyoneering info and current conditions.

Wilderness Utah
This is a magnificent new site created by Paul Jones who is taking on the task of photographing and bringing the beauty of Utah's wilderness to you. The Explore page has trip reports. The photos page has a large collection of pictures. The Learn page contains a series of informative articles about enjoying the outdoors. Let's help Paul Jones keep learning, sharing with us and preserving the wilderness of Utah.

Bogley Outdoor CommunityBogley Outdoor Community
The place to go to discuss anything outdoors. A forum where you can talk with other outdoor lovers about your favorite activities. Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, climbing, caving, geocaching, motorcycling, ATV's, fishing, hunting, shooting, canoeing, tubing, boating, kayaking and winter sports.

East Zion Tourism Council - Zion National Park Pictures and free Zion National Park electronic greeting cards as well as cards for the nearby Parks and Monuments.

East Zion Chamber Commerce and camping. This is the official site of the East Zion Chamber of Commerce. This site has a full list of East Zion lodging and lists the top ten activities in Zion and the surrounding parks and monuments.

Guided Canyoneering and Climbing - Zion Rock & Mountain Guides is owned and operated by experienced guides including veteran Zion SAR member Dean Woods. Learn the skills to descend Zion's slot canyons, take a guided tour (climbing with a pro guide) or rent a commercial shuttle to any of Zion's trailheads. For a real treat kayak in the Virgin River.

Rock Climbing, Tours and Mountain Biking - Let Paragon teach you to rock climb and rappel. Paragon also offers guided tours (climbing with a pro guide) and mountain bike tours. Learn on real rocks in Crawdad Climbing Park and other Southern Utah locations. Owned and operated by Todd Goss, the author of "Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah."


The Desert Rat Outdoor Store - St. George, Utah

Stop by the Desert Rat in St. George, Utah and meet Bo Beck!


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Stay in the heart of the parks, Mount Carmel Junction, and visit the treasures of the Southwest and Utah.

In these pages you will find insiders information on Zion National Park lodging & camping. This guide includes maps, pictures and even information on Zion's hidden treasures.

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