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The Ultimate Southwest Vacation includes Dixie National Forest!

Experience the Spectacular Canyon  Country Tour

Stay in Mt. Carmel Jct., the heart of the parks, and visit the treasures of the Southwest.

Mileage: Mt. Carmel Jct.
Cedar Breaks 45 miles
Dixie Forest 22 miles
Zion National Park 12 miles
Bryce Canyon 60 miles
Grand Staircase 9 miles
Red Canyon 47 miles
Sand Dunes 11 miles
North Rim 85 miles
Toroweap 90 miles
South Canyon 75 miles

Plan your Dixie National
Forest Vacation with our
Utah Maps and Information

In these pages you will find insiders information on Dixie National Forest. This detailed guide includes road maps, park maps, pictures, trail beta, backpacking, history, fees, geology, flora, fauna, campgrounds and things for kids to do.

Making summer memories in the Utah national parks and Utah national monuments.


Dixie National Forest Map Zion National Park Road Map North Rim Grand Canyon Road Map Zion National Park Lodging Grand Staircase Road Map Bryce Canyon Road Map Cedar Breaks and Dixie Forest Road Map

Dixie National Forest Road Map
Dixie National Forest Map

Directions to Dixie National Forest

From Salt lake City: Take I-15 south, exit at Parowan. Take U-143 south
to Dixie National Forest.
From Las Vegas: Take I-15 north to Cedar City. Take U-14 to Dixie National Forest.
From Mount Carmel Junction: Take US-89 north to U-14 and into Dixie National Forest.
From Arizona: Take US-89 north thru Mount Carmel Junction to U-14 and turn west to Dixie National Forest.

U-14 is also called the Markaguant High Plateau Scenic Byway.

Cedar Mountain

A drive over Cedar Mountain any time of the year is gorgeous, but in October it is simply breathtaking to see the rows and rows of aspens in fall colors.

Fishing on Cedar Mountain

Almost directly across the highway from Navajo Lake is Duck Creek with a fishing pond and stream where there is almost always someone sitting on the bank with a fishing pole in hand. Navajo Lake and Duck Creek offer pretty views and great trout fishing, hiking and camping. Navajo lake drains into Cascade falls. That water eventually drains into the Pacific Ocean. The second drainage area is the famous Virgin River that carved Zion Canyon.

Zion Overlook

Zion Overlook is a view point located at 10,000 feet looking far down upon Zion Kolob Terrace. The Kolob is the main backcountry section of Zion.

Strawberry Point

Strawberry Point is a little-known area of Highway 14. The turn-off is located about 5 miles after turning onto Highway 14 from Highway 89. This 9 mile dirt road leads to a view of Zion National Park. This is a popular bicycle trail.






Cedar Mountain - Utah Highway 14

Along the Markagunt Plateau, Highway 14 makes a trail through aspens, evergreens and ancient lava rock. Fall arrives early at this high elevation, chasing the green from the aspens in October. In Dixie National Forest, the sight seems endless with beauty as autumn leaves stretch as far as the eye can see.

Mileage from Cedar City to attractions along U-14, along Cedar Mountain to it's terminus at US-89 and on to Mt. Carmel Junction and Zion National Park.

From the mileage sign on U-14 seen as you leave Cedar City:
Cedar Breaks 21 miles
Navajo Lake 26 miles
Duck Creek 29 miles
Bryce Canyon 76 miles

Iron County
Cedar Canyon Campground 11 miles
Webster Flat 14.4 miles
Zion Overlook 16.3 miles
Bristlecone Pine Trailhead 17 miles
Junction of U-14 and U-148 17.8 miles
Deer Valley 22.9 miles
Kane County - Iron County line 23 miles

Kane County
Navajo Lake Overlook 24 miles
Road to Navajo Lake and North Fork 25.2 miles
Road to Visitor Center - Cascade Falls  28.8 miles
Singing Pines Trailhead 29 miles
Duck Creek Campground 29 miles
Duck Creek - Duck Pond 29.5 miles
Duck Creek Village - 31 miles
Road to Aspen Mirror Lake - 31.5 miles
Restaurant - Cedar Mountain Village 32 miles
Road to Mammoth Creek 32 miles
Road to Uninta Flat 33.5 miles
Road to Strawberry Point 33.5 miles
Road to Strawberry Ridge 34 miles
Road to Swains Creek 35.5 miles
Road to Harris Flat
Road to Stout Canyon 37.8 miles
Leaving Dixie National Forest - 39 miles
Long Valley Jct. (Jct. of U-14 and US-89) 41 miles
Orderville 59 miles
Mt. Carmel Jct. (Jct. of US-89 and SR-9) 64 miles
Zion National Park - Up SR-9 12 miles

Webster Flat in Dixie National Forest

Along Hwy 14 towards Cedar City is the turnoff to Webster's Flat. There is a campground here and groves of aspen.

Markagunt Plateau

The Markagunt Plateau is one of the largest and highest plateaus in Southern Utah. Markagunt is an Indian word meaning "highland of trees," which well describes this area.

Turn-off to Highway 148 and Cedar Breaks

Travel Highway 14 and take the turn-off to Scenic Byway 148 to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Cedar Breaks is spectacular and a must see when in Southern Utah! Check for road closure in the winter.

Cedar Mountain

Dixie National Forest, Utah's largest national forest, stretches over two million acres of land. The elevation in this forest spans from 3,300' in Dixie's desert to over 11,000' on Cedar Mountain. From the highest point in Dixie National Forest, along Highway 14, the majestic Navajo Lake can be viewed. Cedar Mountain Map

Navajo Lake & Cascade Falls

Turn off Highway 14 onto Navajo Lake Road (Forest Service Road 053) to Navajo Lake. A half mile down, the road will fork to the Cascade Falls trailhead and the Navajo Loop Trail. Cascade Falls are the head waters of the North Fork of the Virgin River that runs through Zion National Park. The Cascade Falls hike is a short one mile, round trip, along a picturesque scene of towering alpine trees and beautiful mountains. The trail is an easy hike with little elevation change.




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Cedar Mountain - UTAH!

Dixie National Forest

If we did a better job of managing our resources more sustainably, conflicts over them would be reduced. Protecting the global environment is directly related to securing peace.

~ Wangari Maathai

Photo: Dixie National Forest
Photography by Tanya

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