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In Zion National Park, canyoneering and mountain climbing are the ultimate sports. If you're thinking of joining the world of canyoneering, be ready to lug a wetsuit up steep mountains, swim in dirty-ice cold water, climb up and down boulders and other obstacles, scale slick rocks and learn the technical skill and rope work required for rappelling and getting yourself through a canyon. This sport is not for the timidCanyoneering in Zion and faint of heart and can be thought of as hiking with a rope. Be sure that you never enter a canyon without the knowledge and skills needed to safely explore and return. Finding a canyon can require GPS and excellent map reading skills.

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Backcountry permits are required for technical and semi-technical slot canyons located in Zion, but those canyons starting on the edge of the park can be explored without permits, as long as the exit is outside the park boundary. Obtain current technical slot canyon details and the weather report from the Zion backcountry desk before attempting any technical slot canyon.

Sources for Canyoneering
Do your research from many sources and study detailed information about the slot canyon you plan to explore. Canyoneering is a dangerous sport. I don't suggest you hire a guide or otherwise as personal mistakes are deadly. Only enter a canyon if you feel you are well equipped, technical able and all. You are always responsible for your own safety.

CanyoneeringCanyoneering Gear:
Sturdy canyoneering shoes are required for canyoneering in Zion National Park or anywhere. Quality shoes will help grip the rocks and prevent injury.

Zion's Canyoneering Limits: 80 permits are allowed daily for the
Subway and Keyhole. 50 people may travel through Pine Creek and Orderville daily. Only 12 people daily are allowed in the following zones: Icebox Canyon, Lodge Canyon, Kolob Creek, Imlay Canyon, Heaps Canyon, Englestead Canyon, Echo Canyon, Behunin Canyon, Spry Canyon, Mystery Canyon.

Semi-technical Slot Canyons: Subway, Red Cave, Orderville Canyon and when conditions permit, the non-technical section of Echo Canyon. These four impressive slot canyons might require some rappelling to explore and a rope is often needed to navigate obstacles. Those attempting the routes should be fit, able to navigate obstacles and swim.

Zion's Technical Slot Canyons
Keyhole is the technical canyon that normally is considered appropriate for beginners who have good rope and rappelling skills. If your skills are not up to par for technical canyoneering, try the Zion Narrows or the semi-technical canyons in Zion: Orderville Canyon and The Subway. Although many canyoneers consider Pine Creek to be an "easy canyon", the rappels are not easy and for some they are terrifying. The hike to and out of the canyon is easy compared to other canyons. Obtain proper instruction before ever attempting any canyoneering. Your needs to visit to Zion National Park depend on which trails or routes you plan to do. Comfortable, well-fitting shoes and neoprene socks are a must. If hiking the Zion Narrows is on your vacation itinerary you might want to invest in a good pair of aquatic shoes.

Zion Book: Favorite Hikes in and around Zion National ParkImportant Notice - Canyon tree frogs mate to leave debris of its process upon rocks in the canyoneering system where areas are not associated with sunlight daily to cause slippery action that is dangerous to all that explore the deep darkest canyons of Zion National Park. Zion Narrows, The Subway and Keyhole Canyon are all lit enough to allow the park to encourage canyoneers to visit them throughout the day every single day of the year if knowledgeable and equipped well enough. Canyoneering otherwise is dangerous and to be avoided by almost all. Visit easier slot canyon on the East side of the park: Red Cave, Peek a boo and other to keep yourself safe but those do require excellent four-wheel drive ability to get to the trailhead instead of a long hike.

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

You are responsible for YOUR own safety!

The canyons on this page are listed in a general order of what Beck considers easiest to hardest,
keeping in mind many different factors. Know your limits and stay within them.

Beck, a veteran on Zion's high angle search and rescue team wrote all canyoneering reports on this site. Aging now, but in his canyoneering days he was the best according to almost all. When it comes to Zion, hiking, canyoneering or ropes most would all say - Bo knows Zion

Zion Canyoneering

Canyon Approach

Canyon Exit

Total Mileage

Average Time RT

Technical Beta

Zion Narrows East Zion - 4WD North Fork Road Temple of Sinawava
Zion Canyon
16 miles
13 hours
Slippery rocks, river hiking, some swimming.
Orderville Canyon East Zion - 4WD North Fork Road Zion Narrows to Temple of Sinawava
11 miles
8 hours
Short rappels, river hiking, down-climbing, swimming. This is one of Zion's easiest canyons.
The Subway Kolob Terrace Wildcat Trailhead Kolob Terrace - Left Fork Trailhead - Steep uphill hike
9.5 miles
7 hours
Short rappels, river hiking, down-climbing, swimming. This is one of Zion's easiest canyons.
Lower Red Cave East Zion
Mt, Carmel Jct.
3 miles 4WD or hike

East Zion - 4WD Mt. Carmel Jct.

3 miles plus slot
4 hours
3A I
Short rappels, bouldering, down-climbing
Upper Red Cave East Zion - Mount Carmel Jct.
6.3 miles 4WD or hike
East Zion - 4WD Mt. Carmel Jct.
6.3 miles plus slot
2 hours
Bouldering, short up-climbs, down-climbing, swimming
Keyhole Canyon Hwy 9 - 1.8 miles east of the Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel SR-9 - 1.8 miles East of the Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel
.5 miles
2 hours
3B I
Short rappels, cold, narrow canyon swimming, wetsuit suggested.
Yankee Doodle Leeds/Silver Reef area, 3.5 miles south of the I15 Zion/ Toquerville exit. End of the canyon and hike back to parking area.
1 mile
2 hours
3A I
One rappel and lots of down-climbing.
Pine Creek Canyon East side of Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. Easy Approach Third Switchback below the Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel

1.4 miles

5 hours
Last rappel:100', swimming cold pools, awkward starts. Wetsuit suggested
Echo Canyon

Weeping Rock parking lot to Observation Point Trail to the jct with the East Rim Trail.

Jct of Echo Canyon and Observation Point Trail to Weeping Rock parking lot
5 miles
5 hours
Several short rappels, down-climbing, awkward starts, swimming in cold water. Wetsuit suggested
Das Boot Kolob Terrace Wildcat Trailhead Kolob Terrace
Left Fork Trailhead
10.8 miles
10 hours - includes Subway
Rappels up to 40', awkward down-climbs, swimming, cold water wetsuit required.
Behunin Canyon Grotto to West Rim Trail 4.5 miles Middle
Emerald Pool
8.5 miles
9 hours
Many long rappels up to 165', some down-climbing.
Mystery Canyon East Zion - North Fork Road. Steep, difficult loose scree down hill hike. Zion Narrows to Temple of Sinawava
6 miles
8 hours
Many long rappels up to 130' some down-climbing, one mild waterfall to rappel.
Parunuweap Canyon Checkerboard Mesa East Zion - 4WD Mt. Carmel Jct.
9 miles
12 hours
River walking in wilderness setting, difficult route finding.
Fat Man's Misery Checkerboard Mesa East Zion - 4WD Mt. Carmel Jct.
9 miles
12 hours
Short rappels up to 40', difficult down-climbs, route finding, swimming.
Birch Hollow East Zion - North Fork Road. Drive right to the Trailhead. Orderville Canyon to Zion Narrows to Temple of Sinawava
6.2 miles
12 hours
Almost a dozen rappels, the longest is 100' and lots of down-climbing. Dry in Birch but swim in Orderville and possibly the Narrows.
Englestead Hollow East Zion - 4WD North Fork Road Orderville Canyon to Zion Narrows to Temple of Sinawava
8.5 miles
12 hours includes Zion Narrows
Long rappels up to 280', difficult starts, river walking, down-climbing. Dry in Englestead but swim in Orderville and possibly the Narrows.
Spry Canyon Canyon Overlook Parking lot on the east side of the tunnel. Pine Creek Waterfall to the Pine Creek Bridge.
4.3 miles
8 hours
Many challenging rappels with difficult starts, one cold water swim, 95' mostly free hanging rappel finish.
Lodge Canyon
(Mountain of
the Sun)
Canyon Overlook Parking lot on the east side of the tunnel. Zion Canyon near the Zion Lodge
4.3 miles
6 hours
Challenging rope work gives this canyon a more severe rating. Rappels up to 190' with 15' extended anchor.
Ice Box Canyon Kolob Canyons - Lee Pass - Steep, long bushwhacking Kolob Canyons Kolob Arch to Lee Pass
13 miles
16 hours
Physically demanding, long day with route finding. Cold pool swim. Rappels up to 140'
Kolob Canyon Kolob Terrace to Lava Point Kolob Terrace - MIA. Extremely steep uphill hike to Lava Point
10 miles
13 hours
Long day, dozen rappels. Difficult starts, down-climbing, cold water swimming, river walking, route finding, challenging rope work. Wetsuit required.
  Key: [East/South of Canyon Junction off hwy 9] [Cliff-side: Exposed scramble or ledge]
[Slot: Slot Canyon or Narrows] [Boulders: Climbing over boulders or up steep slabs]
[ Scrambling: Hiking/Climbing up or down steep slick rock]
   [Semi-Tech: Rope and climbing skills] [Technical: Advanced climbing or canyoneering]


linkHistory of Canyoneering - Beck has always been an avid outdoor man and living near Zion he spent a lot of time exploring the parts of the park that few others even knew about. Bo was always willing to share beta but now the park is too busy. The first time the term canyoneering was probably used was to refer to the modern form of exploring canyons by Steve Allen in a book called Canyoneering the San Rafael Swell - published in 1992. The people that have been the most vocal about the sport and who have wrote and shared the most beta would probably be Beck, Allen, Kelsey, Brennan, Carlson, Jones, Burrows, Martin. Through the early years of canyoneering trips were shared in black book once kept at Zion's backcountry desk.


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