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Zion Book: Favorite Hikes in and around Zion National ParkThis Zion National Park Photo gallery was made through the years by hiking, canyoneering and climbing in and around Zion National Park. Zion is a year-round park and this album embraces its treasures in all the seasons. Enjoy the frozen waterfalls of winter, the wonderful reds and yellows of autumn , the sunny skies of summer and the blooming flowers of spring as we take you on a photo tour of the slot canyons of Zion National Park.

Photographing Zion's Vertical World - From Zion's magnificent vertical desert which rises above the canyon floor to the hidden vertical world made up of cracks, canyons, crevices, slot canyons and fractures, there is no grander place in all the world for photography. The dark twisted slot canyons of Zion National Park are some of the most exquisite in the entire world. Canyoneers travel from all over the planet to make their way through the towering stone walls of Zion's canyons. Through eons, torrents of wind and water have formed and carved sinewy curved paths in the soft sandstone of Southern Utah. Photographing slot canyons is a whole new world for most photographers and Zion has been generously endowed with its share of slots. Photos taken in Zion's slot canyons are few and far between since the slots are often filled with water that requires swimming and many require taking gear down on ropes into the bowels of Zion's hidden treasures. Let us take you on a photo tour of Zion National Park's Slot Canyons.

Canyoneering Routes

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Zion National Park Pictures

Zion Slot Canyon Photos
Behunin Canyon Photos
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Clear Creek (Lower) Photos
Das Boot & Subway Photos
Echo Canyon Photos
Echo (dry) Canyon Photos
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Lodge Canyon Photos
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Orderville Canyon Photos
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Spry Canyon Photos
The Subway Photos
Russell Gulch Photos
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Photos - Slot Canyons Near Zion
Boltergeist Canyon Photos - Silver Reef
Fat Man's Misery Photos - Begins in Zion
Kanarra Creek Photos - Kanarraville
Mineral Gulch Photos - East side of Zion
Red Cave Photos - Mt. Carmel Jct.
Yankee Doodle Photos - Silver Reef

Utah Canyons in or near other Utah Parks

Leprechaun Canyon Photos
Blarney Canyon Photos




Photos - Tanya Milligan - Canyoneering Photos in Zion

Tanya Milligan, author of this site, in Yankee Doodle




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Stay in the heart of the parks, Mount Carmel Junction, and visit the treasures of the Southwest and Utah.

In these pages you will find insiders information on Zion National Park lodging & camping. This guide includes maps, pictures and even information on Zion's hidden treasures.

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